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Well wishing

Picture with me, if you will,
A girl sat on a plastic chair
Some flowers on the windowsill
Her mother, frightened, lying there

Mother and father worked so hard
To raise their daughters every day
and now it seems that life's reward
is their retirement, snatched away

In hospital there's nothing subtle,
The lights so harsh on gleaming metal;
The monitors that beep and hum;
with tubes connecting them to mum.

The pins that reinforce her spine
are causing pain; oh make it mine
I'll sit and wait for her to rise
and show me somewhat brighter eyes

We've all been hoping for the best
our fingers crossed for life's big test;
we won't rely on lucky pennies,
but know how vital all our love is

Four leaf clover, rainbow treasure
the family's love is without measure
so here's a wish from me to you:
Together, we will make it through.

[Princess Pea]

(c) Princess Pea