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The thing about dads

The thing about Dads:
They're invincible, see...
They don't like to stay home
With a cough or a sneeze

They tell a great story,
love making you laugh;
No matter the challenge,
they don't do things by half

Whenever there's trouble
Dads won't make a fuss.
They fix things in a jiffy,
Dads know magical stuff.

They're quietly awesome
So gentle and wise
We love to impress them,
Earning one of their smiles

Our father is someone
We'll fight to defend;
Our hero, and mentor,
our most loyal friend.

So it's quite a surprise
When things go a bit wrong
Because dads are reliably
Healthy and strong

No matter your age
if your parent is ill
you just want to fix them
by sheer force of will

I'm not telling a new thing;
most kids will agree
if your dad becomes poorly
it's ever so weird

It's such a strange time
When a loved one is ill;
And sometimes you aren't
quite sure how you should feel.

But that doesn't mean
You should keep things inside
If life's total pants,
You're allowed to just cry.

[Princess Pea]

(c) Princess Pea