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A little frog timidly established himself
on the warmest stone he could have hoped to find
and smiled a dreamy, contented smile,
whilst calmly observing the activity
of numerous snacks buzzing around him.
He let the sun's rays soothe his troubled mind
and the dandelion seeds foating gently past him
tickled his nose, and he felt at peace.

He had been the victim of misfortunes
but now, life was all he wished it to be
After all, this was the sunniest spot in the whole world.
He watched the sunset turn the clouds pink
and listened to the bedtime stories of the birds
singing their opera in the trees
then, delicately jumping the lilypads,
he returned home to his bed in the reeds.

} wish life was this simple! {

[Princess Pea]

(c) Princess Pea