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Reminders, Remainders

I wake in the mornings
and see no more you,
already forgetting
what we went through.
Alive and alert
but the danger is new
not remembering why
I can't miss you.
I'm reminiscing
and all confused...
whatever was it
that caused my bad mood?
The pain multiplies
on hearing your voice,
although I believed
that there wasn't a choice.
Discarding yesterdays
and what they mean;
they can't hurt any more,
relegated to dreams.
I must know what I want
after all this time?
it's like a lost password
I didn't recite.
Now you aren't with me
I'm unable to heal;
Can't move my life on
or change how I feel
I must gain resolution,
or whatever I do,
every tick of the clock
will remind me of you.

[Princess Pea]

(c) Princess Pea