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Race Condition

With my heart thundering in my ears
As my stomach flutters to cope
My failing sight brings dread but I hope
For the dignity I might one day maintain

Though in my mind reigns rigid denial
My cheeks flush bright; give me away
A wandering thought has stricken me
Instinctively I turn, attempt the save.

Competition and challenges rise
And back fall I, to run, to hide
Athletic in retreat, in shame
To cower and close my eyes

I might make enough rope to hang myself
Deny the obvious, feel deep pain
And with nowhere to go but up in smoke
I skulk, I sulk, I remain.

Self-doubt and self pity must be removed
Don't lash out, be above the crowd
Fear of failure be banished from here
Make mother and father proud.

[Princess Pea]

(c) Princess Pea