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No Good Time

We've lost all sense of time and being
only now, we notice the life we're living
take a short break, and from its inception
recognise this creeping infection
all eyes on the clock, marking time
bored faces blankly prophesize

The dreams you rely on when you're young
creating the memories; having fun
the social sec. now, grabbing at straws
trying to pull back some vague applause
I wish those days of fun were mine
once more; i just can't find the time

The lies we so often tell ourselves
to keep us from the merry hell
the worries and cares, the moods and fighting
they'll never change, and just won't try to
though I may hope, they'll never manage
relationships patched, but permanent damage

fundamentally lacking in trust and respect
brings out the fear we learn to reflect;
the state of mind we've fallen into
a depressive way of life to cling to
emotions run so high all the time;
this last year they've also been mine.

I'll stay to fight another day
but sadness wins along the way
the bitter arguments never won
another wrench when they move on
There's no good time to say goodbye...
should I sit and cry or wave and smile?

[Princess Pea]

(c) Princess Pea