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Moving On

I knew the journey and the toil required
But fear overcame me since our travels began
with chill words, unforgiveness and anger,
Waves of despair smashed hope
Misunderstandings threw us off course.

Sometimes life just deals a hand
you can't ignore
keep it like a motto in mind forevermore,
and though your heart may mourn;
Find the strength to move on.

If you find what you want and make it yours
Forget your yesterdays and what they mean
Journey out from the field of crows
Pecking pain from sorrow crops;
Then the hurt is no more than a dream.

Though reminicsence is irresistable,
real clarity requires movement
So power and passion overflow
taking over the moment;
true determination of purpose will come soon.

pursue what you believe
to find serentity within.
Renew yourself with truth
Take time to heal
finding the heart to move on.

Moving on...
Until your journey's done.

[Princess Pea]

(c) Princess Pea