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Memory Man

There is a guy I used to know
And for a while I loved him so
The reason Alice is a name of mine
Originates from his storyline...
He told me that he'd had advice
because he was in love, and it really felt right;
So as long as he was level-headed,
his love couldn't be the thing he dreaded:
(An episode of manic glee
instead of being in love with me)

He called his physician after a bit,
But couldn't bring himself to admit
my name, so he just called me Alice
(Am I just a girl who went chasing a rabbit?)
He told the tale of him and me
as we were starry-eyed, you see;
But over time, he seemed to forget
the story of how we first met.
Oh Memory man, so many memories
you lost - it's such a tragedy.

I found a poem that described the travails
Of trying to get through protective layers
To glimpse the person you think is within -
Rather like peeling an onion skin.
I kept trying to find his hidden meaning,
and it made me think he was so intriguing.
His "magic 8 ball" answers made me cross,
and he made people think he didn't give a toss.
We made some progress, but then he'd retreat
I was gutted when I admitted defeat.

Now, back on the outside of the onion skin,
occasionally I still think about him.
That guy I felt like I got to know,
whose jokes I laughed at, long ago.
The silly face he pulls now, to tease
is the very same one that he pulled for me.
His funny hat I saw online?
I could superimpose on a photo of mine.
Oh memory man, I remember you.
I wonder if you'll remember me, too.

...Now, it's years later, and my memory of you
is clearer to me than your present truth
Your reincarnation, or your reinvention
is just one more facade, of too many to mention.

[Princess Pea]

(c) Princess Pea