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Melancholy music

Set down in permanence the pain in your soul;
stinging knowledge that your love is unreciprocated
Try in vain to block out the daydreams of a situation
where somehow
it all turns out alright in the end.

No, you didn't feel their warm breath
on your cheek
lips brushing, meeting with the one you desire.
Your presence is merely as a friend,
no more will ever be required.

Those eyes that distract you will never cross your face in wonder
not seeing the misery of the spell they have you under
Did you really wait in hope for that one special person
a romantic to the core, thinking that in a crowded bar
the love of your life could be watchng you -
all the while you're pinching someone else's bum?

Fate, destiny, luck, God
When it comes down to it
you take what you're given
and like it,
cos theres nothing else.

Convince yourself you've found your 'penguin'
before you know it, no-one can compare
but wishing makes the world turn faster;
spinning out of control,
you don't see what's real.

Catch up with yourself, take a track out of time
suspend the disbelief at the lessons you learned the hard way
You've just been a face in the crowd of admirers
or maybe giving care and attention, appreciated as a friend.
They are unaware of your turmoil
the inner strength you mustered to navigate your route

You chose a journey of courage, sadness, anger, peace
but don't let bitterness win.
Watching, wishing, needing to be close to them,
be careful that you don't lose face.
And when your eyes grow warm with tears
don't blink;
don't give the game away.

[Princess Pea]

(c) Princess Pea