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Just let me walk alone for a little while
and I'm sure the smile you said you loved so much
will return to my face.

In the meantime, be gentle,
be patient,
speak to me softly
while I remember the times we were together
each seemed to last for an eternity
when we were lost in conversation.

Smile that smile at me,
let me picture you
so that when you are leaving I can smile too
and I won't mind
that I can't see your face
for the tears in my eyes.

And lest I forget your sparkle,
the tingle running up my spine when we touch,
hold me close before you go.

I know it is not possible to be with you,
but I continue to dream my dreams
of cool autumn breezes
and starry nights
walking together, two lovers,
in the empty streets

Because no matter what,
you will be
forever in my heart.

[Princess Pea]

(c) Princess Pea