PeaNavpeamail me!to 	be continued... 	be continued... soon.germination of ideas


watching through the open door,
time and logic passes by
and in your mind's distracted state
wonder - did you catch their eye?

fingers trace the silhouette
of pain you keep within your mind
you reel with these reactions to
the thoughts and feelings you denied

a ceaseless doubt - a mere mistake
to be revealed along the weeks?
like some stiff wind to chill the tracks
of this salt water down warm cheeks

free will may be eclisped by fate
emotions so illusory
one cannot trust in time or sense;
this route is not to sanity

lose the way in some grey haze,
with restless thoughts that maybe fear
of loneliness, and some regretful
circumstance has brought you here

sharing thoughts on many things
may cause a closeness yet, I think
it cannot find a way to stop
a wounded heart begin to sink

the trickery of random hearts
now causing such a nervous state
remembering one must accept
all consequences with good grace

In this you put such precious faith,
a soul survival to embrace
a heart's desire to heal these wounds
but hope and faith may be misplaced

love is dressed in words for a friend
a camoflage too old to change?
emotions far too tangled up
to even start to rearrange.

[Princess Pea]

(c) Princess Pea