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Better Let You Go

I can reproduce the sound of your voice in my head
As I walk, you talk; I imagine your smile
And though you are no longer sharing this air
It smells sweet and reminds me of you.

When a pleasing thought occurs to me
And it's something that we should have shared,
Though it brings me such a breathless ache,
Whispering it to you makes me feel more alive.

A spooky connection through the Universe, often
connected us in thought before we would speak,
But you're not on the end of a telephone, now.
What I need to tell you, instead I must write.

Your thoughtful listening and lack of ego,
Allowed many to seek your kind comfort
And your earnest countenance made more special
the pleasure of a shared joke with you.

My proudest or most exciting moments
are ones that I can only tell one parent now
With each tale in my head, I anticipate your thoughts,
but my cheerleading squad is depleted.

Our time with you was all too short.
"Well, I'd better let you go", you would say.
You are much more than a memory - you're still here,
and witness to a thousand tiny moments of my joy.

[Princess Pea]

(c) Princess Pea