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All or nothing?

I have a meeting here tomorrow
I worry it will bring me sorrow
Now its time for big decisions
Have I got 5 days to give them?

Its not an argument I can win
If they decide they want me in
The wage unlikely to increase,
I'll lose a lot - my sanity?

I don't think that they'd kick me out
as hard work's what I'm all about
I'm organised and practical
and pretty good with HTML

Or Am I Crap - I just don't know
I'm sure that I'll think so tomorrow
Too much work and not enough sleep
Its these late hours that I keep

Promising I'll leave work on time
But now score-keeping's on my mind
This job is good and if it ends
I will have to leave my friends :o(

5 days a week is a lot of travel -
I'm seeing my future here unravel
I hope that I don't have to go
as my friends will say "I told you so"

[Princess Pea]

(c) Princess Pea