PeaNavpeamail me!to 	be continued... 	be continued... soon.germination of ideas


things you've known a while,
you didn't need to hear
pressure's on, but try to smile;
remember all your dreams

more meaning to your soul
not chained in 9to5
needed, happy, useful
find a way to live your life

trust in this hard-won
and so hard to express
physical pain in your heart
reflects from your regrets

"another me, another life
another life, another me"
is spinning round your head
thoughts burning down your head

searching, driven, need to learn
what should you have to prove
frustrated cries, still you try
what do you have to lose?

stop the tears, lose the fear
before you overload
living lies, don't you know
you're closing down inside?

don't let them do this any more
don't need to do this any more
you need to find a better way
you have to feel alive again

you don't have to live a lie
don't allow the dream to die
you need to feel some pride
to make you feel alive

[Princess Pea]

(c) Princess Pea