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You are now in the land of the Pea.

Go check out my poems. You may like some and you may not get some, but they're merely a small snapshot of me at various times of my life, and writing them made me feel more happy, more sane, or just more.
I'm cheesy, I am mad and I am... me.

I dedicate this site to my true friends, the rubbish ones are long gone, and I think you can never make too much fuss of the good ones.

Pea News

I sometimes eat peas! Never was heard of before 2005, the first being in a nice restaurant in Aldeburgh called Regatta, serving excellent food when I went there, and then I also ate them in The Plough at Bolnhurst and Gilpin Lodge - gorgeous food! Over New Year 2008-09 in the Lakes, Mosschops also made me a great Pea and pesto soup out of Nigella Express.

Get in touch...

If you like my poems or you feel like I do sometimes, then drop me a line to let me know. And if you don't... tell me gently in case of a squashed Pea emergency ;).


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