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Hi, welcome to Pea Germination, the home of my creative outlets.

The name Princess Pea is a fitting one, as I'm quite sensitive to the moods and behaviour of the people around me, and often I feel quite deeply about the little things which would go unnoticed by most people.

I've been writing little bits of poetry for years, as youngster I was inspired by poems that made me laugh... from the likes of A.A.Milne, Pam Ayres, Roger MCGough... by poems that made me cry, like Tennyson's "The Lady of Shallott", and by the eccentic ones like Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky".

Some of my poems were written a few years ago when I was a student and could spend hours watching the world go by and generally being a bit spaced ;) Then I lived an easy/busy life when I started work in 1996 so they were hidden away in a little book, mixed in with other people's song lyrics and short poems that I liked.

A few years ago I decided to publish something, though self-indulgent... I needed something to make me laugh, to help me reminisce about better times and to soothe me. In the grand scheme of things my troubles are not the worst that life can throw at a person, but they are mine, and these links are an expression of them.

Poems about good friends make me smile, I write about similarities I observe between friends' lives and mine, and I write about things which trouble me occasionally. Sometimes I wish life were simpler!!

Pea.   } waving {

People I know: if you see anything you recognise, don't assume I've written something about you - but then again...

All poems by PrincessPea and all of the poems here are (c) - copyright - to me ;)

(c) Princess Pea