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  1. "go on then, why page 187?! I love that Bitter Taste of Life poem - totally my life these past couple of months. Thank you, Love, Sarah. xx" - 20/08/2003

  2. " name is stacy, i'm a poet as well, a student, double majoring in social work and english, :P but, i was bored tonight and while searching poetry i found yours. some were very touching, i enjoyed them very much, and i found i could relate to some of them. i was actaully sorta sad when i reach the last one, lol..." - 23/07/2003

  3. "Your pomes are very good. They are like my life. well hope to here more pomes thanks - Villain505" - 18/06/2003

  4. "Hi Pea, I realy like your site! Nice poetry! I'm not such a good poet so the magnetic boards could come in handy! ;)" - Gr. Rian, From The Netherlands 10/12/2002

  5. "i liked your poem "Lonely Boy" which came up when I searched in Jeeves for The Princess and The Pea fairy-tale which i was researching. Your site inspired me - for a while i have wanted to try and write and i like your site very much." - Steve" - 09/12/2002

  6. "Hello Pea. I am a fellow pea and really enjoyed your web site... - what an amazing idea and hobby... Pauline the Sailing Pea xxx" - 27/11/2002

  7. "just read "reminders remainders". It's very good." - Heather, 13/05/2002

  8. "i love your poetry keep it up" - Francisca, 26/03/2002

  9. "what is this poem about i don't know if i want to know oh yeah i do will you write me and tell me" - Ashley, 9/2/02
    (gall bladder again, but I don't know if I have the energy to explain!!)

  10. "What is you talking about" - GD, 14/2/02

  11. # Chronology is burning candles
    # with lines drawn on the side
    # Chronology is running sand
    # abandonned by the tide
    # If you were a doremouse
    # it may mean three months in bed
    # Or if a dandylion...
    # ...someone blowing off your head
    # - Bybrillig - 17/12/01

  12. "self obsessed, egotistical rubbish"
  13. "when i saw your poetry i was so inspired i printed the whole lot all tho i am only young i am very pleased and you touched me deeply in my heart and i will be recomending your site to other its that well done thanks so much you have made me see a change in my life that now one else could" - Kyle 7/12/01

  14. "they made me cry!"
    (tho it was my sister)

  15. "why??" - Emma, 7/10/01
    (about the gall bladder)

  16. "Bumped into your site by acci. I love the poems. Keep up the good work" - Kede, 27/10/2001

  17. "i just wanted you to no that i loved all of your pomes!!" - Nina, 09/09/01

  18. "very impressed"

  19. "wow man, this is heavy stuff" - Jeff, 25/07/01

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